How Our Program Works

What is the Process?

Getting set up and earning your first $10 payment only takes a few minutes. After your account and identity are verified you’ll need to install some software that provides us access to your business account and you will be paid $40. Once we have created the business page and ads are running for our client, you will receive the first $100 monthly payment.

Step 1: Application

If you haven’t already, Click Here To Apply

Step 2: Account Verification

If your application is accepted, we’ll contact you via text message. Here we’ll verify your Paypal acount, Facebook account and you’ll need to submit an ID that matches the identity of the Facebook account. You’ll receive $10 for completing this step.  

Step 3: Connecting the Accounts

If Step 1 and Step 2 are successful, the next step is provide access to your Facebook business account. You’ll need to download some software and login to your account. Remember, your business account will not affect your personal account and you can cancel access at any time. You will be paid $40 once this step is completed.  

Step 4: Campaigns Running

We will create the business page for our client and start to run ads. This takes 5-7 days. Once the ads are live you will earn the first monthly payment of $100. Again, none of the ads or business activity will be visible to you or any of your friends on Facebook.

That’s it. You can find answers to frequently asked questions (faq’s) here: